We invite you to experience our product maintenance and customer service,
which are the ultimate proof of our lifetime devotion to Jewelry.

するONLY ONE DIAMONDや、リングのお好きな場所に天然石をセットできる

The bridal ring will become your lifelong friend. CORE JEWELS recommends relying on our various services, such as "ONLY ONE DIAMOND" by which you select the center stone for your ring from a range of loose diamonds. "Stone Arrange" is a service by which you choose where to set a natural stone on your ring. You can also give your ring maintenance services such as polishing to restore like-new brilliance. Marking, resizing and other maintenance services are also available. We invite you to experience our customer service and product maintenance, which are the ultimate proof of our lifetime devotion to Jewelry.

Core Jewels Bridal Service 001ONLY ONE

オンリーワン ダイヤモンド 世界中を探しても同じものが決して存在しない唯一無二のダイヤモンド。それ故に、無限の可能性から結ばれたふたりの奇跡を象徴する宝石なのです。そして、世界で一つの石との出逢いもまた運命に導かれたものでしょう。コアジュエルスでは「MEET, FEEL, DESTINY」をテーマに、エンゲージリングに使用する石をルース(裸石)の状態からお選びいただき、オンリーワンダイヤモンドが輝く、あなただけのリングをお作りいたします。たとえグレードが同じでも、見た目の印象は人それぞれ違うものだからこそ、コアジュエルスはダイヤモンドとの運命の出逢いを信じています。

No two diamonds with identical properties exist on earth. A diamond is an "Only One" entity symbolizing the miracle of the bond between you and your partner, and the destiny that has brought the two of you together. That tie, in turn, leads you to the diamond of your choice at Core Jewels. You are destined to meet the diamond of your choice. Core Jewels' key concepts include Meet, Feel, and Destiny. Core Jewels engagement rings are hand crafted in-house by master artisans and are one-of-a-kind pieces. Diamonds may be of equal grade but appear different in the eyes of each person. Core Jewels' artists seize the destined, precious moment in which you, your precious one and the diamond meet.

Core Jewels Bridal Service 002MEMORIAL

メモリアル刻印 コアジュエルスでは、おふたりのお名前や記念日はもちろん、
ブライダルリングに刻印するサービスを無料で承らせていただきます。 e.g. 2014.12.12 A to B

Core Jewels provides memorial impressing services to mark the names of you and your partner, the dates of that memorable moment, and a message to share with your precious one, etc., on your rings. E.g., "For A, from B 2012.12.12"

Core Jewels Bridal Service 003DIAMOND

ダイヤモンド フォー ユー コアジュエルスでは、リングの内側にダイヤモンドやナチュラルストーンを用いて、おふたりのイメージを具現化したブライダルリングのストーンアレンジを 無料で承らせていただきます。

Core Jewels' Stone Arrangement is the matching of a pair of gemstones for your bridal rings. Core Jewels stone-arranges white diamonds, black diamonds, colored diamonds and other natural stones to make a perfect match that portrays the inspiration one may draw from the couple.
※This service may not be available for all sizes.

Core Jewels Bridal Service 004RE-SIZING

サイズ直し コアジュエルスでは、生涯に渡ってご愛用いただく中で、自然に変化する指のサイズに合わせて、ブライダルリングのサイズ直しを無料で承らせていただきます。

Core Jewels caters to possible changes in finger size throughout life, and adjusts the size of your bridal rings based on need.
※This service may not be available for all designs.

Core Jewels Bridal Service 005RENEWAL

新品仕上げ コアジュエルスでは、お使い頂いているリングに自然に付いてしまう小キズなどを 新品同様に磨き上げ、ジュエリー本来の輝きを取り戻す新品仕上げ加工を、 無期限1回無料で承らせていただきます。

Renewal services are available. Core Jewels' professional cleaners apply hand-polish to remove any tiny flaws and dirt that have accumulated on your jewel through wear. An ultrasonic cleaning machine may be used to clean your jewelry. Your piece will regain its original brilliance, returning to the fire with which it arrested your eyes when you first met.